Quick Start Guide

For the Motherbored V1, V2 and SD card
How to set up your node plus, troubleshooting.
Congratulations thank you for joining the Boring Protocol community.
CAUTION: Please be very careful with your device, as you unbox it. The device houses a sensitive printed circuit board, and it is fragile if mishandled. Also, the enclosure the device resides in is equally fragile.
Your device: Motherbored V1 or V2 (and SD Card) or Motherbored SD Card.
USB-C to USB power supply cord, or Ethernet cord, this cable you will need to plug your MotherBored into your internet router or hotspot.
STEP 1: Connect your device into the power source via USB, then connect your internet router via cat-5. Then you will need to allow the software to complete an over the air update. You will see the completed icon, as shown below once update is complete. Do not unplug your device during this update.
STEP 2: Via your computer or navigate to your “network settings,’ to configure your network settings.
Connect to the network named “MotherBored.” If this network is not displayed in your available networks, you may need to wait a moment while the OS in your device boots.
Use the default password: "motherboring" or "motherbored". (Depending on your device version).
Once it is connected to the “MotherBored,” network, navigate to http://mybox.motherbored/ via internet browser, to finish configuring your device.
PLEASE NOTE: While Boring Protocol is in beta and prior to launch, you will be allowed to use the network without having to pay using “test.ing.” At the end of the test cycle, we will be rewarding users and allow access to the staking and reward system, but not prior. (more documentation on this process is available at BoringProtocol.io).
Beta users will not have access to immediately connect their wallet, to use the network. Once we transition from beta and have initiated production features to be available, you will need a minimum of 6,250 $BOP for your node to operate.
STEP 3: To set up your node please select “Box Mode” and then select exit or client node.
Exit: Allows you to connect to other users in the network that are looking to access web content.
Client: Means you wish to access other exit nodes to get to the content you seek.
If you are not having any success accessing the interface, try accessing the interface directly by typing into your internet browser.
If this does not solve this issue, unplug and plug back in your Motherbored device.
If the above issue still persists, please ensure your SD card in the MotherBored is seated properly. You will have to open your Node for this step. Assistance with this can be found in the "Boredroom" Discord channel.
If you have an issue with "Bad Connection" in Client Mode, please try switching quickly between "Provider" and "Client" in the "Box Mode" tab of the GUI.
If you still have difficulty and cannot connect, please join Discord and a team member will assist you every step of the way!