A #dVPN on Solana
Boring is a decentralized virtual private network (VPN) and bandwidth market built on the Solana network, providing an economic incentive for node providers with transparent programs for privacy to our network's users.
Providers sell bandwidth and stake $BOP to have the network users' traffic directed to their obfuscated connection.
The network Providers are rewarded with $BOP as compensation for operating and maintaining a robust connection.
Example: Jane operates a fast and reliable connection connected to our network through the Motherbored node, and is rewarded in $BOP when network user Sam uses the obfuscated connection by streaming his favorite show.
Users of the VPN fund their wallet and determine connection features they seek and at what cost. They are then paired with providers who meet their criteria and are charged for usage based upon the Providers terms.
Boring Obfuscation Protocol ($BOP)
For a more detailed overview, we suggest reading our LitePaper which can be found on our homepage.

How is Boring Obfuscation Protocol Different?

Boring Protocol uses existing encryption technology and adds to this a blockchain payment system utilizing the Solana network which ensures scalability of transaction throughput.
This promotes privacy for VPN users by allowing for crypto payments, removing customer identifying information required by traditional VPN's such as credit card info, name and address.
Boring Protocol also provides financial incentives for partaking in the network by allowing you to receive payments in BOP for running a node. These payments reward users better for providing high stable bandwidth and uptime.
Boring Protocol also allows for users to pay using a "pay-per-consumption" model, removing the need for lock-in subscriptions like most traditional VPN's.