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BOP has markets established with both Serum and Orca.
Swap: We can suggest using the Jupiter Aggregator to swap the pair you would prefer while making use of the best prices offered on all markets.
Trade (DEX): Consider using DEXLAB to view order-books, charts, and to set limit orders: https://trade.dexlab.space/#/market/7MmPwD1K56DthW14P1PnWZ4zPCbPWemGs3YggcT1KzsM
You may like to browse a list of *DEX and **Swap tools that will give you access to these Serum and Orca markets where BOP is available: https://portal.projectserum.com/
*DEX - Decentralized Exchange (charts, order-books, limit orders, and other familiar features generally provided by centralized exchanges.)
**Swap - performing trades between almost any pair by way of routing through a sequence of trades.

Serum Markets

BOP/RAY Market ID: 6Fcw8aEs7oP7YeuMrM2JgAQUotYxa4WHKHWdLLXssA3R
BOP/USDC Market ID: 7MmPwD1K56DthW14P1PnWZ4zPCbPWemGs3YggcT1KzsM

Orca Markets